We somehow got behind in posting our fishing reports.  (Too busy fishing?)  We launched at Houseman Access at 7:30 AM on Friday, and since generation was in progress, we trolled downstream looking for walleye and/or white bass. We did mark a small school of whites, but they did not bite. Maybe the 47 degree F. water temperature had something to do with it. After a fair amount of time in the troll mode, we decided to go get some trout. We fished from Spider Creek Island to Houseman Access, anchoring in several of our favorite spots. The biggest problem we had was 'slots'. We had a difficult time limiting out due to the high number of slot fish caught. Finally, at about 2PM, we put the last legal fish in the live well and headed in. The trout were hitting almost anything we threw them. The bite was not the usual every couple of minutes, rather about every five or ten. The generation that was scheduled for two hours seems to have been going on a bit longer, since the water below the Hwy 62 bridge was still moving at noon, but was slowing considerably. Met up with several other boats, but the river was not even approaching the 'crowded' description. Tomorrow is supposed to be a perfect river day, so go fish!