Before writing the report for today, it would probably be a good idea to talk about the walleye trip of 3-18-16. Although we missed 'prime time,’ we went out hoping to pick up a few walleye and learned aDSC_0473 couple of things. First, the walleye had made themselves scarce downstream from Houseman Access. (We struck out on the walleye attempt). Second, there are 'scads' of white bass in the river. They did not appear to be too active in the 46º F. water, although we did put one aboard. This was a female that struck on a black on gold Scatter Rap 07. We only caught trout and that one white. The walleye may have moved up river towards the Beaver Dam. We will be checking out that theory in the upcoming week.This afternoon at 4 PM, I fished for trout near Beaver Dam and limited out in about 20 minutes. All of the fish caught were in the 12 7/8 to 12 1/4 range, and were caught on yellow, salmon peach and chunky cheese power bait. Nice fish.... and hungry, too. Tomorrow promises to be a bit warmer and there is no generation scheduled between 10AM and 7PM. If you bank fish and get the chance, our advice is to go for it! The high temperature for tomorrow is expected to hit 61º F. after a rather cold start of 27º. The winds are supposed to be from the SW at 9 MPH, gusting to 13. Take some hot coffee to warm your innards and go get them!