Sam and I launched at Houseman Access at 7:15 this morning and proceeded downstream to check for any unsuspecting walleye that may be in the area. We neither marked nor caught one within a mile of the launch ramp. We tried both jigging with fire-tigers and black on silver plastics and trolling with CD-7s, black on silver and black on gold. Although we did not scare up any walleye, we did bring home a couple of very nice rainbows for lunch!After lunch, we fished at a spot between Bertrand launch ramp and Spider Creek. There was a lot of surface activity which seemed to be paying off for two fly-fishermen who were fishing at the mouth of Spider Creek. We were catching a fish about every 10 minutes, but we changed to a different bait after every fish. To us, the bite seemed a little slow, but we did much better than the folks who were fishing at the launch ramp. The power bait that did not catch a trout for us included red-white-blue, salmon peach and garlic. All other colors we threw were rewarded with a trout. Catch and release was the name of the afternoon. Even though it was around 50 degrees. by the time we headed home, we were fairly chilled. Should have followed our own advice: dress warmly! There was no generation today. The high temperature was expected to reach 58 degrees F. under cloudy skies with winds from the north at 5 MPH, gusting to 10. Tomorrow, there is one hour of generation scheduled at 8AM at 88% of capacity. The high temperature tomorrow is predicted to be 69 degrees F. under mostly sunny skies with winds from the ENE at 5 mph, gusting to 10.