Lunch! Fished the river between directly below the Beaver Dam and Parker Bend initially using lures then switching to bait later in the morning.  Noted that there was no surface activity of any significance which was reflected in the lack of action on lures.  Switched to bait and found that the bite, although slow, was on yellow, salmon peach and orange power bait.  The best bite was near  Beaver Dam. The slowest bite was on orange and the quickest was on salmon peach.  (Note the happy youngster in the photo.)  Began the day very early to test the waters near Parker Bend for walleye. Threw Rapalas to no avail until about a half hour after daylight before shifting focus to trout.  The remainder of today should be pretty nice for fishing except for the predicted mid-morning and early afternoon thundershowers. This is a free-fishing weekend, so take a friend who needs to be introduced to the sport! Generation at 22% of capacity is scheduled for one hour at 3 PM. The weather is predicted to bring us a strong possibility of late morning and early afternoon thundershowers. The wind is to be from the ENE at 5 MPH, under cloudy skies.  High temperature today is predicted to reach 75 degrees F. Let me think.....cut wood or go fish?  Hope to see you on the river!