Although we did fish on Friday, I neglected to write a report. The bite was pretty slow, anyway. This morning, fished in three locations below the Beaver Dam. First, I tried my luck at the ramps at Parker Bend and found that the bite was very slow on power bait. Bites were about every 20 minutes, which meant that I ran out of coffee waiting for fish to wake up. Moved closer to Beaver Dam and found that the closer to the dam I moved, the better the bite became. The gravel bar at the launch ramp closest to the dam was fairly productive, with a bite about every 4 minutes. Ho hum! Moved closer to the dam and the bite was every 90 seconds or so, depending on the color bait used. Turns out that the trout were more excited with the darker colors than with the lighter. They bit on yellows and chartreuse, but somewhat slowly. They readily chomped on hatchery formula and green pumpkin. Ran into one fisherman who had caught a 20 inch rainbow on yellow power bait eggs early int the morning. The fish weighed 3 1/2 pounds.Better get out there and fish before the generation starts at 1 PM. Tomorrow, there is generation scheduled from 2 through 7 PM at 88% of capacity. The high temperature for tomorrow should hit 85 degrees F. under partly sunny skies with thunder showers possible on and off throughout the day. The winds will be from the WSW at 7 MPH, gusting to 10.