Fished downstream from the tail-waters early this morning and was fairly pleased with the results. (Picture includes one trout in the 15 inch range, two in the high 13s and the others in the 12s.) Began fishing at 6:30 AM and finished at about 7:15. Had lots of things to do around the house this morning, so I simply caught and left. The trout were presented with only two colors of power bait from which to choose, yellow and orange. They bit on both, but very slowly on yellow. Orange, on the other hand 'lit a fire under them.' The bite was about every few minutes on orange and the fish were deep. It will help you to know about the bottom where you fish, because the type of bottom will impact how you rig your line. For example, if there is grass on the bottom, you will want to be sure that your leader is long enough to allow the bait to float above the grass. The fish can find it more quickly and make you an even happier fisherman. Go out and get them.....I have to cut wood..yuk!There is one hour of generation scheduled for 5 PM at 22% of capacity. The weather prediction is for partly cloudy skies with a chance of afternoon thundershowers. The high temperature expected is 82 degrees F. with winds from the SSE at 13 MPH. Have a great Saturday!