Yesterday afternoon I met up with a couple of friends at Bertrand Launch Ramp and fished while catching up on old times. Of course, that was not the only thing were were 'catching up on.' It was 3 PM when we began fishing and the trout were in a mood to bite on yellow, salmon peach, rainbow and garlic. Generation began an hour earlier than scheduled, which was no big surprise. We caught fish until the water was moving too fast to keep bait in place without using the Titanic for a sinker. During our stay at Bertrand we had a nice conversation with Game and Fish personnel, who were headed out to check boaters for safety equipment. All in all, it was a very nice afternoon.This morning turned out to be a 'horse of a very different color.' Began fishing at Bertrand around 6:30 AM and was amazed by the difference in the bite; there was none. Along with a father/son team, we moved to a location close to Beaver Dam to try our luck. Although the bite was slow, at least the fish were a bit more accommodating. Fished until about 8:15 and then called it a morning. Even though the bite left a little to be desired, new friends were made. Perhaps the trout will be more hungry later this morning. Well, it is called 'fishing.' Generation is scheduled from 3 through 5 PM at 80% of capacity. The high temperature for the day is expected to reach 90º F. under partly sunny skies with westerly winds of 7 MPH. There is a chance of afternoon thundershowers. Stay dry and cool and above all,have fun fishing!