Fished at Bertrand launch ramp early this morning and found that the trout were receptive to yellow, orange, nymph purple, salmon peach and spring green power bait. The bite was pretty good until about 7:45 AM, when it began to taper off. Packed up and went to Parker Bend to see what was going on there. Met a friend there who indicated that the bite was nonexistent. Had him come back to Bertrand where we found that the trout bite was on the wane there, too. We caught a few, but, clearly, the prime time bite was over. We did catch them on yellow, salmon peach and spring green. Advice today...go early and enjoy the prime time bite. The alternative is to go later in the evening, about 1/2 hour before dark and catch them before they call it a day!There is one hour of generation scheduled for 5 PM at 88% of capacity. The weather promises to bring us a high temperature of 82 degrees F., ( at least ), under sunny skies with winds from the WNW at 6 MPH. Go out, have fun and catch fish!