Fished between Beaver Dam and Parker Bend this morning and found that the trout were hungry for almost any color that was thrown. The exceptions were spring green and nymph purple. Only kept three of those trout caught, in case we decided to fish later in the day. The bite was about every 2 to 3 minutes and the trout were of decent size. This morning was quite delightful, temperature wise. We have noted that the trout seem to be moving up-river into the cooler water, since the concentration of fish seems to be increasing. One still can catch nice trout in the Houseman Access area which is an indication that the water down deep is still cool. Today promises to be a great day to fish. Hope you and yours are able to take advantage of it!Generation for today is scheduled to be for one hour, at 5 PM, at 22% of capacity. The weather forecast is for a high temperature of 86 degrees F. under partly cloudy skies with winds from the SW at 7 MPH.