Keep this size trout no matter where you catch it! Trout filets for dinner.

Happy Anniversary!  What could be nicer than a day on the White River.

Launched at Houseman Access and fished our way upstream toward Bertrand launch ramp. The early bite was good upstream but slacked off later in the morning. Moved back downstream out of the tail-waters and picked up much larger fish. The bite was on yellow, salmon peach and orange. Just below Houseman, the trout were liking pink and white power bait eggs with a wax worm added on for a garnish. The results of this 'power egg cocktail' ranged from 14 to 16 inches long! The best part is that you are not in the tailwaters downstream from Houseman and there is no slot. Do not forget the wax worms! The new owners of The Carriage Inn, west of Eureka Springs, fished with us today and discovered just how big some of these trout can be. See for yourself in today's photos.

The generation for today begins at 3 PM and ends after 5. The flow starts at 44% and ramps up to 88% by 5 PM. The weather for today calls for a high temperature of 85 degrees F. under partly cloudy skies with winds from the south at 13 MPH. There is a good chance of thundershowers later this afternoon. Go out, catch fish and, above all, have fun!