Fished from the river bank this morning and found that the trout had decided that nymph grape, which they had been snubbing all during the preceding week, was the color of choice. The bite on yellow was slow, but OK. Orange, not so much! There was a fly fisherman on scene who was using a brown jig, and at last count had caught 37.....yes, 37. Tried spoons to no avail. Not one hit on either gold or silver. Guess I should have had some micro-jigs with me. Parker Bend was where all of the action took place this morning; so if you get the chance, jump aboard the 'fish train!'Once again, the only generation scheduled today is one hour at 5 PM. The weather is supposed to bring us a high temperature of 77 degrees F., sunny skies and winds from the NNE at 5 MPH. WOW! Pack a lunch with snacks and go fish.