Launched at Houseman access yesterday to check out boat equipment on the 20 footer and found that everything was great! Of course, one should not go out on the river without taking a rod and reel, just in case of ending up stranded. Then, one can catch fish for survival! Since that fishing gear COULD BECOME survival gear, we checked it out, too. Began our fishing up river from the old Hwy 62 bridge pilings and caught small trout. Moved down river in increments of a half mile or so, checking for the bite. Ended up out of the tailwaters by 8AM. The bite was OK, but a little slow for my A.D.D. The water temperature in the river where we fished ran between 49 and 52 degrees F..Today. began fishing at Parker Bend and found that the bite was very spotty. Caught the first trout in less than one minute, but the next bite took 20 minutes. Everyone, including the Park Attendants were complaining that the trout bite was poor. Moved to an area close to Beaver Dam and caught a fish about every three minutes. The trout were active close to the dam. Although they bit on anything thrown at them, the bite was faster on the dark colors, like green pumpkin and hatchery formula. Since it was a catch and release day for us, all of the participants in this mornings excursion were delighted with the ‘game.' There is generation scheduled from 4 through 6 PM., today. The high temperature predicted today is 87, under partly cloudy skies. Winds are from the SSW at 8 MPH. Tomorrow, the winds are expected to remain from the SSW at the same speed. The skies will be partly cloudy with a chance of afternoon thundershowers. The high temperature tomorrow is predicted to hit 82 degrees F.. The generation schedule was not posted at the time of this writing. Remember, this is a FREE FISHING weekend, beginning at noon on Friday, (today), and lasting through Sunday. No license or trout permit necessary, Go out and try it, get yourself 'hooked' on great fun!