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Began fishing this morning at the gravel bar downstream from the Beaver Dam launch ramp. The fish were biting, but if one was not using an ultralight, the bite would have been very difficult to detect. The fish caught there were VERY small. Moved to the closest point to the Beaver where we could legally fish and caught some there. They were fairly small and we only took one with us to our next spot, Parker Bend. At Parker Bend, you can see the results of the three fishermen, (or fisherwomen). The bite was on salmon peach. Yellow did not seem to excite the trout; neither did all other colors tried. It was a great morning of fishing...ask the ladies! The weather was perfect and, for a change, we remained dry. It is a good day to fish, so go get them! Generation is scheduled for only one hour today, at 5 PM. The weather for today calls for mostly sunny this afternoon with winds from the WNW at 6 MPH. High temperature today should reach 79 degrees F.