DSC_0702 DSC_0704Launched both boats at Bertrand Launch Ramp at 6:30 this morning and moved downstream expecting to be confronted with thunder showers while fishing. Happily enough, the predicted rain failed to put a damper on our trip and the trout bit. The couple fishing with Sam was on the third or fourth trip with Hosanna Hills, although it was the first for the wife. From what we could pick out while the fish were being cleaned, it sounded like she will be on the next trip with the family. The father/son team with Jim had an on-going healthy competition about who was going to out-fish whom. The son caught the first and second, but then the father got into the 'swing of things.' To top off the outing, the father caught a 22 1/4 inch walleye while we were trolling downstream of the Hwy 62 bridge. The walleye was caught on a Rapala Scatter Rap Shad, SCRS07 S. During the filleting operation, 4 inch shad minnows were found in the stomach. The walleye, as well as some whites, were on the bottom, so if you are planning on trying for a couple, try to pull a lure that will get down there with them.Generation is scheduled for one hour, at 4, this afternoon. The high temperature is predicted to be 87º F. under cloudy skies. The wind is from the SSW at 6 MPH.