DSC_0559     We launched at Houseman at 6:30 this morning and fished a short way down river. It was only 30 min. before one of our fishermen was close to his limit of trout. We moved a bit further down just as light rain began. As the rain continued to the “raining cats and dogs” stage, we moved up river to try a couple of spots. Before long our boat was filled with trout, as well as cats and dogs! The only way to avoid all that water was to hide out under the bridge, even though that meant the fishing was slowed. Another conundrum is whether to drive the boat fast and freeze or drive slowly and get soaked. Limiting out with good sized trout somehow makes it worthwhile, especially when with good friends and lots of laughter. Power bait of multiple colors was successful today. Our first stop just downriver from Houseman proved the most productive, though we caught fish up and down the river all morning, despite the rain. At our home just a mile from Beaver Dam, we had 3.5 inches of rain this morning. If this translates into 3.5 feet of rise in the lake, we can anticipate that the opening of flood gates and/or heavy generating is a real possibility. If you decide to fish in weather like today, keep an eye on the sky. Be aware of the wind and be on the alert for possible lightning. Tomorrow’s forecast is for lots more rain. Unless you are so sweet you melt in the rain, get on out there and catch some fish.