Nice, especially for stockers! Dropped a line at Bertrand Launch Ramp at 6 AM and sipped on a coffee while playing with the trout. They were interested in everything that Sam threw at them, including yellow, salmon peach, nymph grape, rainbow and orange power bait. We stayed until the coffee cups ran on empty, then headed to the house to avoid the holiday crowd, and to get a refill. All of the fish we caught this morning were 'stockers'; and they were decent sized. Here is something that you may or may not know. Have you ever sat next to a successful fisherman who was using the exact same rig and bait as you, but you were not getting a bite? If, earlier in the day, you handled medication, whether for you or for one of your pets, and did not carefully wash your hands to remove all traces of it, you will get traces on the bait, and may keep the fish from biting. Gasoline, certain antibiotics and even something like caladryl lotion or gel will impede your successful trout fishing attempt. There is one hour of generation scheduled for 6 PM at 22% of capacity. The high temperature predicted for today is 84 degrees under partly cloudy skies with winds from the SSE at 6 MPH. Tomorrow, the generation scheduled is for one hour, 3 PM, at 22% of capacity. High temperature tomorrow is expected to reach 91 degrees F. under sunny skies with winds from the SSW at 7 MPH, gusting to 11. Looks like we are in store for a great holiday weekend. Let's go out and enjoy fishing and family!