Got a bit of a late start to bank fishing this morning. Found a spot upstream from Parker Bend and settled in at about 7:30. The trout were nice enough to bite, regardless of the late start; and I limited out by 8:15 AM. Although the fish were biting on most anything fed them, they reacted most slowly to the darker colors, like green pumpkin and hatchery formula. The lighter the color, the faster the bite. Since I was out of coffee when I arrived, the faster bite suited me just fine! One of the trout saw a chance to escape by heading into the now under water bushes near the bank. After tangling the line in the underwater branches, she managed to free herself and leave me with a bush on the hook (Yes, it was a female fish!). Went on a rather precarious wade/climb and freed the hook. All in all, it turned out to be a very different fishing experience. That is one of the great things about this outdoor sport....every day is an adventure!There is generation scheduled from 3 through 6 PM. today. The high temperature is expected to reach 86 degrees F., under mostly sunny skies with easterly winds of 7 MPH.. The photo you see below was taken earlier this week, another day when the trout were nice enough to bite about anything we threw!   DSC_0045