We launched about 6:45 this morning and proceeded downstream in the morning mist. Our first anchoring spot paid off. The first fisherman caught a trout immediately as the bait hit the water. Fish on! We moved shortly and tried the other side of the river. We finished up so quickly that we didn’t even try many baits. This was one of those “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” kind of days, so we stuck with our basic power bait. We saw only one other boat as the mist was rising. A couple fishing from the launch ramp hadn’t had much luck, even though one of them wore the orange shirt that seemed lucky for us in the boat. After a river tour to enjoy the morning, we headed to the house for fish cleaning and bagging. Today’s clients chose to have the bulk of their trout filleted, but kept a few whole for grilling. Water is still high, although receeding slowly. Spots suitable for bank fishing are still scarce. Generating is scheduled for 4 hours tomorrow beginning at 3 p.m. Get out and enjoy this Arkansas summer!