Fished from the bank at Houseman Access this morning and found that the trout were very picky and their bite was beyond slow. When they bit, they did on salmon peach and rainbow, and in mid-the morning, corn green, a new color out this year.. Other colors tried with no success were yellow, chartreuse, red, pink and orange. Between the two of us, we ended up with 8 fish before running out of coffee and heading to the house. Since we were not plying the waves, we do not know what the water temperature at Houseman was this morning. Five other people were fishing on site, only one of whom we saw catch a fish. Indications are that the bite is SLOW. Spoke with Fish and Game personnel who seemed to feel that fishing on the river is easy, but catching is a bit of a challenge. They headed out to help keep our river safer for everyone. GREAT JOB!!Generation today is slated to begin at 3 PM and end after 8 PM. The first 4 hours should be at 44% of capacity with the last 2 at 88%. The forecast for today calls for a high temperature of 92 degrees F. under partly cloudy skies with winds from the west at 7 MPH. Go fish and enjoy yourselves!