DSC_0003 Launched at Bertrand launch ramp this morning around 7 AM and moved down river towards Spider Creek Resort. The water temperature there was 48 degrees F. and the trout were feeling their oats. We fished there for a short while then decided to try a few different places on the river simply for a change of scenery. We fished below Spider Creek Island, then by the old Hwy 62 bridge pilings, then by Hwy 62. Had a great time, even though the wind had picked up enough to become a factor in feeling the bite on the micro-lites. We had been catching and releasing after the first 8 were in the live well so that we could fish below the tail-waters for a couple of larger fish. Moved outside the tail-waters and caught a couple of nice ones. Visited Blue Springs overflow, and called it 'done for the morning,' The trout were receptive to salmon peach, yellow, and rainbow. They did not care about orange, red-white and blue or chartreuse power bait. The best bite was near Bertrand launch ramp. Hope you get to try your luck today! Generation today is scheduled to be for 2 hours, 7 and 8 PM at 88% of capacity. The weather prediction warns of a high temperature of 94 degrees F. under partly sunny skies with winds from the SSW at 9 MPH, gusting to 22.