Had a late start, but we chose to fish from what little bank there is and began just below the Beaver Dam. Prime time was over by about an hour when we threw the first bait to the fish. Over the next 40 minutes, we caught 4 rainbows. They were of pretty good size, around 12 1/2 inches. We tried many different colors of power bait and got the best results on anything but yellow, salmon peach and garlic. It is not very often that nymph grape out-fishes yellow or rainbow! The fisherman next to us had to come over and see what we were using. He explained that he had been there since early morning and had caught one small rainbow. He was using yellow power bait. He indicated that the bite was good early, but dropped off to the 'not much' category after 8:30 AM. That sounded right to us, since that is when the prime time for trout had been slowing down over the past couple of weeks. Left the dam and moved to the Parker Bend area to see if there was any change to the fishing area. No! There is room for six or so fishermen without becoming very close friends, if you get the drift. We called it a day, and headed back to the house. If you get a chance to get out and wet a line, this is one of the two days that you will be able to enjoy a cooler day than we have been seeing lately. Today’s photos are from the great trips we had in the past few days. Generation is scheduled from 4 through 6 PM. today at 88% of capacity. The high temperature today is predicted to reach 83 degrees F., under partly cloudy skies with northerly winds of 5 MPH. There is a good chance of thundershowers throughout the day.