Put the boat in the river at 6:30 this morning and tried a couple of our favorite spots. The water was backing up from the Table Rock Dam, which made the surface temperature of the river from Houseman to the Hwy 62 bridge range from 71 degrees F. to 68 degrees F. respectively. Although the water temperature was not ideal for trout, we did very well, with an excess of 30 fish by 8:30 AM. We kept out ten, saving the last fish for each guest until we decided to call it a day. The timing was perfect; we got off the water just as the old sun began to heat up. The trout were biting almost every color that we offered them. The colors that we received the slowest response from were yellow, rainbow and salmon peach. Hope you get a chance to 'wet a line' soon!   There is generation scheduled beginning at 4 PM today; however, only for a couple of hours. The high temperature for today is expected to hit 93 degrees F., pretty much the same for the weekend. Today, the wind is predicted to be from the SSW at 7 MPH, gusting to 14. GO FISH!!