Fished this morning just below Beaver Dam and found out a few things. First, there is very little room to fish from the bank. There is enough room for two or three fishermen without attempting to beat the 'how many people can we get into this phone booth' record. Second, it was a beautiful morning on the river, in the cool fog. Lastly, the bite was very slow, (about every ten minutes or so), and the fish were not anything to write home about. However, they were fish! There is no room to fish at the now underwater gravel bar downstream from the launch ramp closest to the dam. Pretty much the same story both at Parker Bend and Houseman Access. Our recommendation is to get a boat and gain access to the fishing. The trout were biting on chunky cheese and rainbow power bait. Although I did not have any wax worms with me this morning, it is a good bet that the addition of one on the hook would have reduced the time between bites. Try it!There is generation scheduled to occur from 4 through 6 PM. today. The high temperature predicted for today is 95 degrees F., under mostly sunny skies with winds from the SW at 4 MPH.. Remember to stay hydrated out there. Oh, and HAVE A FUN DAY!