Began this morning by fishing at Bertrand launch ramp and found that the fishing was pretty slow. The bite was on rainbow and orange, but slow enough for us to try Parker Bend. There was no improvement in the trout take, so we headed downstream to try out of the tail-waters. By the time we arrived, it was 7:30 AM and either the trout became hungry, or the bite simply was improved over the previous locations. Not only did we limit out in about 1/2 hour using orange power bait, but also, the fish were of better size. We decided to keep a few for lunch, (see picture). Hope you can see how colorful this bunch was. This morning, the temperature was spring-like, which made the fishing experience even better than one could hope. The rest of the day brings us a chance of thundershowers beginning about 11 AM and persisting throughout the remainder of the day. The high temperature is expected to reach 86 degrees F. with winds from the ESE at 6 MPH.Generation is supposed to begin at 3PM and last through 5 PM at 44% of capacity. Remember, if you do not have a line in the water, it is fair to say you will not be bringing home any fresh caught fish!

Those are rainbows, all right.

Colorful fellow!