If you happened to be fishing at Parker Bend yesterday morning around 11, you probably had fun fishing for the 'just stocked' trout. They were of a pretty decent size; and they were hungry! This morning, I met up with a friend who is camping at Parker Campground and we fished close to the Beaver Dam, since the bite at Parker Bend was a bit slow. The bite up river was great! The trout were hungry for yellow only. I tried garlic, fluorescent orange, chunky cheese, rainbow and green pumpkin and did not get one nibble. Yellow drew interest almost immediately upon hitting the water. We limited out and headed for the aroma of coffee. There were a few folks fishing beside us who did not seem to be having much luck; their rigs were much different than ours. It was another mild, clear morning to enjoy on the river.There is generation scheduled from 1 through 6 PM at 44% of capacity. The high temperature predicted for today is 90 degrees F., under sunny skies, with winds from the SW at 10 MPH. Remember to stay hydrated, and, above all else, HAVE FUN!