Checked along the river to see where one could fish and found that the access to the areas below Beaver Dam as far as the 'turnaround' were closed. Went to Parker Bend and found 5 fishermen on site, which was about the maximum number of people that could fish there without standing on top of one another. They had been there for quite some time and had caught only one trout. The parking lot at Parker is still closed, causing users to park along the road. Moved to the Bertrand launch ramp and only one fisherman was fishing. He was throwing lures and had caught nothing. The water was moving until 9AM., so fishing COULD pick up later this morning. If you decide to go out, be sure to dress for the dropping temperatures! Generation for the rest of the day calls for moving water from 6 through 8 PM. The high temperature for today has come and gone and we are headed for an 11 degree F. low tonight. Winds are predicted to be from the NNW at 12, gusting to 18 MPH. Have fun and keep warm!