What a way to start the new year! Toured the bank-fishing access areas today and learned that there was a good bit of damage inflicted by the high waters. There is no access to the areas directly below the Beaver Dam, the gravel bar by the launch ramp, the campground or to the 'Turnaround'. Although one can get to the Fish and Game offices, the road immediately past that access is taped off. Parker Bend boasts a bit better access if you park prior to getting to the parking lot area. The parking lot is so badly damaged that there is no parking allowed. There is a little room to fish for a very few people who are really good at casting for distance. Bertrand launch ramp has plenty of room for parking and a little room for fishing. While I was there, a couple fishing with red power bait eggs caught a nice trout. The bite was slower than normal, but it was there! The best way to access the river is by boat! Tomorrow the high temperature is expected to be 45 degrees F. under mostly cloudy skies in the PM. The winds will be from the SE at 6 MPH., gusting to 17. Better go out and try your luck before the end of the week, when the weather is likely to be more seasonal.