Status Report - January 4, 2016 To all you fisher-people, here is the latest status report about the water situation in our area.

Subject: Status of Lakes and Rivers, Little Rock District - January 4, 2016

For your situational awareness.

Table Rock surcharge release ended 31 1800 Dec 2015. Currently releasing 20,000 cfs and will do so until Bull Shoals gets to 684 elevation. Bull Shoals is currently 681.69.

Beaver passing inflow with double firm power generation equivalent, 2000 dsf, according to the water control plan. Table Rock continuing its routine release of 20000 cfs continuing to evacuate storage.

RISK ASSESSMENT. (AMBER) District Wide Flood Storage - with all Flood Risk Management Projects using flood storage. We are very concerned about the impacts of future rainfall as we look ahead to our rainy season. SWL begins 2016 with the White River System storage at 63%. Forecasted rainfall will slow current flood storage evacuation efforts and possibly return Beaver and Table Rock Lakes to rising pools requiring increased releases to crest pools at or below the top of their respective conservation pools.

(AMBER) Table Rock is below its top of flood pool and continues to fall slowly, releases steady at 20,000 cfs. Weather forecast is favorable to evacuate flood storage for the next 3 days. Rainfall forecast for about 1 inch over four days beginning Wednesday, this event could cause a rising pool and require increased releases.

WHITE RIVER SYSTEM. Beaver will have a steady to slow falling trend. Table Rock is falling slowly. Bull Shoals is continuing to rise and will continue this trend. BS and NF are restricted to firm power release because Newport gage remains above regulating stage; plan to initiate secondary releases by mid-week. GF is still restricted to firm power release because of downstream conditions at the Georgetown gage.

Beaver: elev 1129.12 (90% fs) and holding; release is double firm power generation equivalent, about 2000 dfs. Table Rock: elev 929.7 (91% fs) and falling ; releasing 20K cfs. This release will continue for several weeks. Sean P. Harper Operations Project Manager Beaver Lake