Had bait fishing in mind when I headed out to the river this morning, but that changed with a chance meeting with Ken Russell, the fly-fishing guide who won the 1 Lure/1 Fly contest last year. After picking up a fly rod at the house, we tried the 'turnaround'. There were several people fly fishing when we arrived. We spent some time tossing midges at the non-existent trout. Actually, most of my time was spent trying to untangle the tippet from the leader. (It has been some time since I last fly-fished). Finally, Ken suggested that we move to a productive spot. We moved downstream from the Bertrand launch ramp and were happy to find an abundance of hungry trout. When not assisting me with fly rod woes, Ken was catching trout every 20 seconds or so. We both caught trout at a rapid pace. The folks fishing with bait caught fish, but sparingly. Finally, wind chilled to the bone, we called it quits for the morning and headed for the coffee pot! We caught trout using both zebra and orange midges. It was great fun, even though one of us (guess which one) needed more practice.Tomorrow there is generation scheduled from 7 through 9AM and from 7 through 8PM. The high temperature predicted for tomorrow is 57 degrees F. under sunny skies with winds from the SW at 9 MPH, gusting to 18. Sounds like another good day to fish!