This morning seemed like a good time to try for a few trout at an area downstream from Bertrand launch ramp. Took eleven different colors of power bait and gave each of them a 'shot'. The bite was slower than it has been in the past few days, but the trout went for 7 of the 11 baits thrown. They did not care for hatchery formula, garlic, orange or chartreuse. I did not have any of the new baits that Sam and I have been trying over the past week. The colors that worked for me were: yellow (best), salmon peach, spring green, nymph grape, pink, rainbow and white. There were a couple of fly fishermen who came in and fished next to me. They were doing very well, using a black midge with a silver bead.Passed a few fishermen as I was heading back toward the launch ramp. The fishing was slow for them, but what they were catching was on a yellow and a white power egg, with a wax worm on for good luck. They had caught one, and that was while we were talking about the bite. There is supposed to be quite a bit of wind later on today, but fishing promises to be pretty good. Hope you get the chance to 'wet a line'! There is no generation scheduled for today. The high temperature is predicted to be 61 degrees F. under sunny skies with winds from the SW at 15 MPH, gusting to 20.