DSC_0400Can you believe that we are halfway through January?? Latest on the road blockages to the fishing areas as of this morning: One now can get to the launch ramp closest to the Beaver Dam, but not to the lot closest to the dam itself. Neither is the road to the 'turnaround' open. Although one can fish at Parker Bend, the parking lot still has tape indicating that the lot is not open, but the tape has been torn down. Apparently someone wanted to park in the messed up lot.Fished at the launch ramp nearest to the dam and found that the trout were VERY hungry! Arrived there at 11 AM, and by 11:35 I had caught 8 trout on all light colors used and was back at the shop cleaning the 5 that I had kept. The trout did not hit either of the two dark colors that I tried, hatchery formula and green pumpkin. Did not give those colors much of a chance. If I did not get a bite within 2 minutes, I changed the colors. If you have the time to get out before the generation begins this afternoon, go catch some trout. As is evident in the picture, the trout are good sized. Generation for the rest of the day is scheduled to happen from 6 through 8 PM.. The high temperature for today is expected to hit 47 degrees F. under cloudy skies. Winds are from the NW at 9 MPH.