Sam and I loaded up our gear and set up camp, (fishing camp. of course), at Bertrand launch ramp area. We were somewhat surprised to find no other fishermen on scene. Perfect day and excellent fishing. We tried eleven types of bait and had success on all but four colors, chartreuse, natural white, garlic rainbow, and corn yellow. We arrived there at about 2 PM and were home by 3. No too bad. The fish were of fair size and put up a good fight. Since this was a catch and release day, all parties involved in the fray went home happy. "How was the bite?” some may ask. Well, we each tried the eleven baits and all but the aforementioned four caught fish. The only thing missing was some more fishermen! Tomorrow is supposed to be a few degrees warmer, so try to get out!The generation schedule for tomorrow is not yet posted; however, there is more generation scheduled from 6 through 8 PM. The weather for tomorrow calls for a high temperature of 46 degrees F. under sunny skies with westerly winds at 7 MPH. The next couple of days look good for fishing, so go do it!