Triecta of White River fishing---walleye, white bass, and rainbow trout Of course he went fishing--it was his day off from guiding

We had no guide trips scheduled for today, so we went fishing. The photos show the results of two of our boats being out for a couple of hours.  Our main objective was to recover an anchor which, a couple of months ago, got wedged under a boulder to the extent that we cut the line and mentally marked the spot.  We would have tried to recover it then, but we had a trip in progress, and swimming was not part of the entertainment.  On the way to the scene of the recovery today, we picked up a few fish.  The photos show all five of the walleye, the whites, and a couple of trout.  Not too bad for en-route fun!   We were back at the Houseman ramp by 8 AM, where we assisted in pulling a drowning Ford truck out of the water.  Good deed for today, check!   Believe it or not, the thing was still running when we got it out!   We were pulling Rapalas and jigging while trolling. The weather this morning was delightful, (for me....Sam was the swimmer in the 48 degree F. water.) and the winds were light at 6 AM. Generation is scheduled for this evening from 3 PM through 9 PM.  The weather for today is expected to give us a high temperature of 85 degrees F. under sunny skies with winds from the SSW at 11 MPH, gusting to 23.  Go out, have fun and be careful!