Sam and I launched at Houseman Access at 3 PM and trolled up river trying different rigs under the varying conditions, generation and still water. As might be expected, some worked well, and some, well, not so good. We had so many options to try that another trial run is necessary to finish. We caught trout both in the still water and during generation. We caught walleye in the moving water downstream from Spider Creek but up river from the Hwy 62 bridge. Since this was a 'research day', all fish caught were released. What lures worked, you ask? Rapala CD- 5s and 7s caught the most fish, both during generation and still water. The walleye seemed to be attracted more to the lures with some color. We tried Rebels but did not get one strike. Ran into another guide who was fly fishing and was, in his words, "tearing them up" immediately upstream from the Hwy 62 bridge. He was using one of his hand-tied red with a gold bead, number 18 hook flies. We did not have an opportunity to try bait on this trip. There were a few boats out in the area we fished. It was such a nice day that one of us decided to take a swim in the 58 degree water. (We picked up an anchor in 8 feet of water.) Not too bad an afternoon, good fishing AND an anchor! Looks like it is going to be another great day Monday, so try to get out and look for your own anchor! Try some fishing, too.The generation schedule for Monday, 9-8-14, calls for generation at 4 and 5 Pm at 44% and 88% capacity, respectively. Monday, the weather forecast is for a high temperature of 84 degrees F. under partly cloudy skies with morning easterly winds shifting to the SSW at 4 MPH in the afternoon.