Fished at Bertrand launch ramp at about 7 this morning and found that the trout were very excited about giving anglers a great fishing experience. Used nine different colors and caught nine trout, five of which I kept. The colors used were nymph grape, spring green, garlic, fluorescent orange, salmon peach, rainbow, white, red-white-blue and pink. I did not try either yellow or hatchery formula, but I bet they would have worked! According to other fishermen that were spoken with, the bite at Parker bend still was as slow as it was yesterday. The remedy, you ask? Grab a chair and fish down river from Bertrand launch ramp. Take coffee, not that you will have time to sip on it.The generation for today is scheduled to be for two hours, 8 and 9 PM at 44% of capacity. The weather is expected to improve for the remainder of the day, with a high temperature of 79 degrees F. under partly sunny skies. The winds are from the NNW at 7 MPH.