Fished in three locations this morning, the first of which was the gravel bar downstream from the now closed launch ramp near the Beaver Dam. It was 7 AM and, sadly enough, there were no other fishermen present. I say that because within 10 minutes of beginning fishing, three fish had come out to say 'hello.' Had a sip of coffee with them, and sent them on their way! Successfully used three colors there, salmon peach, rainbow and fluorescent orange. The bite was quick and the fish were so-so in size. Moved to Parker Bend and began fishing at the hole downstream from the wheelchair ramps. Used chartreuse and yellow and caught a couple of trout in rapid succession. Moved to the ramps and found that there was a couple fishing there and having very poor luck. They indicated that they had been fishing downstream earlier in the morning and had not done too well. Asked what they were using and they said "worms and power bait". Tried my luck from the ramp, and although it was very slow, the trout bit on yellow. Moved to Bertrand launch ramp and walked halfway to Spider Creek and sat down to fish. Using white, garlic and pink, caught three in no time at all. There were a couple of boats toward Spider Creek Resort that were having a 'field day' with the trout. This is a great day to be out there fishing and just enjoying the afternoon. There is generation scheduled from 3 through 6 PM. We can really use the water! Unfortunately, Tablerock Dam is scheduled to generate 10 times what Beaver is scheduled, thereby lowering the river even more. The weather forecast for today calls for a high temperature of 83 degrees F. under mostly cloudy skies with a chance of thunder showers after 3 PM. The winds are expected to be SSW at 7 MPH.