DSC_0031 Yesterday, we launched at Houseman Access at 2:30 PM and separated boats in order to check both up and down river for fish activity. The boat that moved down river had only one strike while trolling, while the other two boats experienced a little better action. The 2 o'clock generation that was scheduled did not happen until 4, so all of the boats gathered up river and switched to bait. The trout were biting on yellow, salmon peach and fluorescent orange. The bite was OK until the water began moving in earnest and then it became extremely difficult to discern. We headed back to the ramp after deciding where we wanted to continue fishing in the morning. There are no pictures of the catch of the 11th, only of those caught on the 12th. One boat launched at Houseman Access at 6:30 AM on the 12th, while, at about the same time, the other two launched at Bertrand Launch ramp. The trout were willing and ready to give all of the boats a run for their money! Fish were receptive to both bait and lures. All colors thrown were eagerly gobbled up; and the Rapala F-7 black on silver not only attracted rainbows, but also a pretty nice brown. Lucky for the brown, he was still in the 'slot'; so after the picture was taken by the fisherman who caught him, he was released. About 9:15 the mist was in full swing, so we headed home to process the catch. Only ran into a couple of bank fishermen braving the cooler, wetter weather. They seemed to feel that they were doing pretty good with the fish they had caught at the ramp. We shared the location where the trout were going 'nuts,' but they indicated that they were happy where they were. That is what counts...go fish, be happy! Generation is scheduled for one hour, 4 PM, at 22% of capacity. The weather forecast calls for a high temperature of 63 degrees F. under mostly cloudy skies with a chance of mid-afternoon showers. The wind is from the north at 7 MPH.

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