Fished this morning at Parker Bend, first at the ramps, then about 150 yards downstream at the deeper holes. There were many people fishing both at Parker and at Bertrand launch ramp this morning. In fact, at Berterand, there were so many boat trailers in the lot, one would to expect to see a 'pier' of boats between Spider Creek and the launch ramp. Ha! The trout started off the early morning with an excellent bite, which slowed considerably after 8 AM. They were still interested after 8, but only barely. The trout were biting white, pink and chartreuse power bait eggs, especially if there was a wax worm included in the menu. It was noted that on average, the fish were fairly small. The fly fishermen had a 'mixed bag' of results. Some were doing fine, while others were envious of those guys. The best luck for the fly fishermen seemed to be near the ramps at Parker Bend. The paste bait that was successful was white, salmon peach, hatchery formula and garlic. Tried just down river from Houseman Access and had no luck with any color thrown. It was after 10 AM; and I was out of coffee. Hope you get to go out this afternoon, if you missed this morning! There is one hour of generation at 22% of capacity scheduled for 3 PM today. The weather forecast calls for clearing to partly sunny this afternoon, with a high temperature of 66 degrees F., and southerly winds of 8 MPH.