Fished in the area of the Bertrand launch ramp, close to where Spider Creek enters the river. There were several people fishing in that area, two of whom were fly fishermen. The fly fishermen were catching a fair number of fish on pheasant tails up until a little after 8 AM, when the fishing slowed to a creep. When they noticed that the bite slowed, they moved to a different location. The bank fishermen were doing good using rainbow and yellow until the 8 o'clock slowdown. I arrived on the scene at about 7:35 and had caught a half dozen by 8:10. Had only kept two of the six in an attempt to keep larger fish for the photo of this report. The fish were biting on every color except white, chartreuse, red-white-blue and garlic. After 8:10, they began to bite on nymph grape and hatchery formula, and not so much on anything else. Ended up having to catch eleven to find five of an acceptable size. By the way, as mentioned in past reports, the bite is better closer to Spider Creek than at the ramp or even 50 yards further downstream. It will pay you, (in trout), to walk a bit downstream. Looks like another beautiful day to be fishing on the White river.There is generation scheduled from 4 through 7 PM at 44% of capacity. The weather prediction is for a high temperature of 83 degrees F. under mostly sunny skies with winds from the SW at 8 MPH.