Fished downstream from Bertrand launch ramp beginning at about 7:50 this morning. The trout were fairly hungry for yellow, spring green, garlic, pink, hatchery formula and salmon peach. For some reason, they did not take any of my rainbow bait, but really enjoyed that of the park attendant, fishing next to me. Go figure! The bite seemed to slow a bit after 8 AM, but it did not completely stop. All of the folks fishing from the ramp downstream towards Spider Creek Island were catching fish, but those who were closer to the island were doing better. The drizzle began around 8:45, but it was not enough to discourage those who were determined to catch fish. The trout size ran anywhere from 7 to 12 inches. Not the greatest size, but really fun to catch on ultra light rods. The weather is forecast to clear up later this afternoon, so try to get out and play! There is generation scheduled from 5 through 8 PM at 44% of capacity. The forecast calls for a high temperature of 66 degrees F. under partly sunny afternoon skies with winds from the SSE at 6 MPH.

Wednesday's Catch