Fished early this morning at Parker Bend, downstream from the ramps about 100 yards. The trout were there and sort of hungry. The bite was about every 5 minutes and on orange, yellow, pink, salmon peach and, believe it or not, nymph grape. They totally ignored rainbow and hatchery formula. There were a couple of other fishermen fishing just downstream from me who were getting lots of bites, but not capitalizing on them. They were using power bait eggs, (yellow), with a wax worm. The parking lot at Bertrand was full, so I did not stop to try my luck, since, as stated in yesterdays incorrectly dated report, personal business is on the agenda. This morning and early this afternoon should be a good time to fish. Later this afternoon heavy thunderstorms are predicted. The rest of the week is expected to bring us much cooler weather. Get out there and fish!The generation is scheduled to be from 2 through 5 PM. The weather is predicted to give us a high temperature of 83 degrees F. under mostly cloudy skies with southerly winds at 10 MPH. Heavy thunder showers are predicted for later this afternoon. Be safe and have fun.