Began fishing at 10:30 this morning. Initially went to Parker Bend, where the parking lot was so full that I moved to the launch ramp area at Bertrand. Since the water was still quite a bit up from this morning's generation, it was necessary to carefully pick my way to an area downstream from the ramp towards Spider Creek. Finally got to a promising spot and tossed in a line with fluorescent orange on. As it turned out, the trout bit not only on the orange, but also on nymph grape, pink, hatchery formula and rainbow. Surprisingly enough, they ignored both yellow and salmon peach. Since only one hour was available for me to fish, I headed for home to feed the animals. Sam and I had attempted to fish at 8 this morning, but the water was both moving too fast for our rigs and was too high for us to wade to a good spot. There were a few fisher-folk at Bertrand ramp at 10:30, but they were being 'eaten alive' by the slow bite. Passed along the information on what I had successfully used and headed home. The rest of the day promises to be great for you to go fish.Generation was scheduled for only the 8 AM time frame at 44% of capacity. The weather is predicted to give us a high temperature of 66 degrees F. under mostly sunny skies with winds from the NW at 13 MPH.