Began fishing at 8:30 AM at the area around Bertrand launch ramp. The trout were in the mood to satisfy anyone who wanted to brave the wind chill. The fly fishermen were catching on olive or black midges and on zebra midges with a gold bead. The bank fishermen were having pretty good luck with yellow or chartreuse power eggs. We were using rainbow, salmon peach and fluorescent orange. The initial outing was cut short because of my not dressing properly for the wind chill. Moved back to the house and picked up a sweat shirt to go under the windbreaker, and moved back into the fishing action. After a while at Bertrand, a trip to 'test the waters' at Parker Bend was in order. Wow! The trout were very active off the ramp as evidenced by the number that were being caught. The colors used there included yellow, salmon peach and chartreuse. Great fishing day! Hope you got out there to enjoy it.There is no generation scheduled for the day. The weather forecast calls for a high temperature of 56 degrees F. under mostly clear skies with afternoon winds from the NW at 6 MPH.