Remember the slow bite that has been around for the past few days? Well, cancel that out! Began fishing at 11:45 this morning and by 12:25, eleven of the twelve bait colors used caught fish. Nymph grape was the only one that did not get trout attention. Fished at the Bertrand launch ramp area and was VERY impressed by the bite. Most of the fish caught were in the 12 1/2 inch range. Happily enough for them, it was a catch and release day! Two other fishermen arrived at the ramp area as I was leaving and one of them had a fish on the line. If you can get away and play, this is a good game to consider. Although there was no generation scheduled by SWEPCO this morning, Beaver Dam was in generation mode at 8 AM. All of that activity of the moving water must have charged up the trout... Ha! Our advice, as usual: go out and fish!Generation is scheduled from 6 through 8 PM. The weather promises to give us a high temperature of 62 degrees F. under partly sunny skies with winds from the SW at 5 MPH.