DSC_0046Yesterday evening, Sam and I dragged ourselves out to the Spider Creek area to try for a brown trout. We fished for a pretty good while and did not get a bite. Saved the sculpin for a Sunday morning attempt and called it quits for the day. This morning, I headed back out to the area we fished on the previous night, and, upon arrival, I found that I had left the sculpin in the downstairs refrigerator. Old age! Fished for rainbows and did pretty good. Used 6 different colors of bait and caught at least one trout on each color. Speaking of color, look at the color in the photo of the trout kept? There were three other fishermen on scene when I arrived, but only one was catching fish. The wind made it a challenge to feel the bites on microlights, but if you concentrate and keep the slack out of your line, the results should be rewarding!Although there is no generation scheduled for today, tomorrow, there is generation at 7 through 9 AM and 6 through 9 PM. The weather for tomorrow promises a high temperature of 32 degrees F with possible ice at 10 AM. The winds are to be from the NE at 14 MPH gusting to 22, under cloudy skies.