Began fishing this morning after the generation had ceased, but before the water had gone down. Started at the gravel bar below the Beaver Dam and, like the other three groups of fishermen on scene, did terribly. They had been there before I arrived; and they had not had one bite. Tried a couple of colors there, but had no takers. Moved to the launch ramp area at Bertrand and waded downstream toward Spider Creek. Began by throwing yellow, which the trout ignored. Went through a few more colors and finally threw hatchery formula. The trout were delighted to see that stuff hit the water. The bite on hatchery formula was about every three minutes. Went back to yellow and then nymph grape just to see if the fish had had a change of heart. They had not! Tried hatchery formula again and the bite re-started. A guide boat arrived on scene with a couple who were in the fly fishing mode. The female part of the couple caught two while I was there. She was using a midge, but I am not sure what color. Back at the launch ramp I ran into a couple of fishermen who had been with me at the gravel bar below Beaver Dam. I had recommended that they move to Bertrand to fish. They had three for dinner when I had to leave. The bite was in the 'getting better' stage at around 12:30. Better get out there and try your luck, since the weather for tomorrow might require mask and fins!Generation today should be over, but who knows? The weather is predicted to give us a high temperature of 67 degrees F. under cloudy skies with winds from the south at 13 MPH.