Ever roped a trout? This morning was a new one for me. Was fishing with a Bass Pro 1/6th ounce blue on silver spoon which seemed to be attracting attention of the fish as evidenced by the number of 'strikes' received. On one occasion, apparently the trout pushed the spoon from behind, causing the spoon to move forward, forming a loop. The treble then hooked the leader and the trout was in the loop. Feeling the 'hit', when I tried to set the hook, instead, I pulled the loop closed around the fish in the gills area, which must have been open. Yahoo! This happened while fishing at Parker Bend. There were two fly fishermen working farther downstream. They were using micro-jigs without success. The water was still moving from the morning’s generation, and the wind was making it problematic for casting. I received fish action both downstream and at the down-river ramp. This was another catch and release day, so no picture for this report! The water should be slowed by now, (1:09 PM), so if you get the chance, go fish!There is no generation schedule yet posted for tomorrow. The weather prediction for Thanksgiving predicts a high temperature of 46 degrees F. under sunny skies with winds from the SSW at 4 MPH, gusting to 7. Go out and grab a Thanksgiving trout!