I waited until the water from this mornings generation was slowing a bit, then I went to Parker Bend to try my luck at catching a few trout. Since the water was still moving right along, threw a line from the rocks between the ramps. At first, I used a rig that was best for power bait eggs and caught a fair sized brown trout on clear and gold/red along with a garlic yellow egg. The first fish was taken surprisingly quickly, but the subsequent fish catches were very slow. Switched the rig for paste bait and, although the bite remained on the slow side, did best with yellow. Moved to Bertrand launch ramp area and fished on the rocks just upstream from the boat launch ramp. The trout bit on almost every color I used. The ones that did not work for me were rainbow and nymph grape. The quickest bite was on fluorescent orange. Although the trout that the folks around me were catching were so-so in size, happily enough, those coming in to me were really nice. The other fishermen were catching their fish on power bait eggs, pink with yellow and with a wax worm on the end of the hook. Nobody whom I ran into this fine day was using night crawlers. Tomorrow should be an even better day to fish. Hope to see you out there!Tomorrow there is generation scheduled from 6 through 8 AM at 88% of capacity and from 7 through 8 PM at 44%. The weather, after a cold morning start, is predicted to bring us a high temperature of 52 degrees F. under sunny skies with southeasterly winds at 6 MPH.