Began fishing this morning at 11:15 after a successful trip to renew my driver's license in Berryville. Only fished at the launch ramp area of Bertrand. Once again, moved downstream where the bite usually is better than at the ramp. One of the 'regulars' was bringing in his Kayak and showed me a 22 inch rainbow that he had caught using both a pink and white power bait egg combination. The colors on the fish were very intense; hope he considers mounting the critter! I digress! Fished with the usual 12 colors and caught and released 8 trout in an hour and 10 minutes. The only colors that did not get a bite were white and garlic. The wind was pretty gusty, but the direction was such that it did not interfere if one threw with it instead of into it. This may be the last day of fishing in relative comfort for a while, if one can believe the weather forecast. Although tomorrow is expected to reach 44 degrees F., the rest of the week's highs are predicted to be in the mid-thirties. We won't talk about the expected lows...Ha! Get out, go fish and dress warm! The generation was at 7 and 8 this morning at 44% of capacity. The weather forecast for today was for a high temperature of 71 degrees F., ( I will believe it when I see it.), under sunny skies with winds from the south at 21 MPH gusting to 41.