Fished in a couple of spots below the Beaver Dam, including Parker Bend. The fishing was pretty good, with the trout hitting yellow, salmon peach, pink, rainbow and fluorescent orange. The latter color was the slowest for the bite. There were others that were tried that received no attention from the fish. These included, green pumpkin, salmon egg red and fluorescent red. The bite was pretty good for the time of the day, 1:30 PM. There were no other fishermen in the area nearest to the dam, and only a few at the Beaver Dam launch ramp gravel bar. Parker Bend had the most folks on scene; they were all on the ramps. Fished the holes downstream from the ramps and found that the trout were very accommodating. Today was a catch and release day, so everyone, (and thing), involved in the adventure experienced a happy ending! What a beautiful day to be fishing on the river! There is generation scheduled for 5 PM at 44% of capacity. The same schedule is on tap for tomorrow. The weather forecast for tomorrow includes a high temperature of 76 degrees F. under mostly cloudy skies with a chance of thunderstorms after 12AM. The winds are predicted to be from the SSE at 10 MPH, gusting to 20.